What's Happening?

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What's Happening?

May 23 2017    05:00PM -- 07:00PM    FREE COMMUNITY DINNER
May 25 2017    12:00PM -- 12:00AM    BREASTFEEDING LUNCHEON
May 25 2017    05:00PM -- 09:00PM    LINN COUNTY RELAY FOR LIFE EVENT
May 25 2017    12:00PM -- 12:00AM    BREASTFEEDING LUNCHEON
May 26 2017    04:00PM -- 12:00AM    KICKING BEAR TWO DAY YOUTH CAMP
May 27 2017    08:00AM --     BROOKFIELD FFA FREEDOM 5K WALK/RUN
May 25 2017    12:00PM -- 12:00AM    BREASTFEEDING LUNCHEON
May 25 2017    12:00PM -- 12:00AM    BREASTFEEDING LUNCHEON
May 28 2017    07:00PM --     PATRIOTIC MUSICAL

Our Community

 Marceline Quick Links:

Attractions: http://www.marcelinemo.us/visitors/attractions.html

History: http://www.marcelinemo.us/home/history.html

City Hall: http://www.marcelinemo.us/index.html

Chamber of Commerce: http://marceline.com


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Sponsor Support - SHOP LOCAL

My Country 99.1 KDWD appreciates their local communities and encourages everyone to shop local.

Six reasons why you should shop local in your community:

  1. Shopping local creates jobs.
  2. Local independent shops invest more in our communities. Local businesses are more giving in their support of local charities, schools, and community events.
  3. Shopping locally saves you time and money. You travel less, therefore saving you fuel, time and money!
  4. Shopping locally preserves our community.
  5. Supply and demand. Local businesses respond more quickly to the needs of local customers, stocking products that meet local demands.
  6. You are valued as a customer. Local businesses strive for repeat business so they do their best to maintain a higher standard of service to their patrons.


What’s HOT on KDWD?

  • Big Erv Morning Show, broadcasting live from Main Street USA with community news and events, birthdays and anniversaries, trivia and prize giveaways!
  • KDWD spotlights the community daily, promoting and supporting the many things which make our community great!
  • Providing 24/7 broadcasting of great music, news, sports, weather and community events.
  • Affiliate of the Royals Radio Network
  • Affiliate of the Chiefs Radio Network
  • Mizzou Tiger Sports
  • ABC Affiliate - A Disney Company
  • Local sports featuring the Marceline Tigers


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My Country 99.1 -- KDWD 

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